Diamond Red Sea is one of the oldest Dive Centers still active in Hurghada.
We have been around since 1996.
End of 2016 we acquired our own boat and completely rebuild it to fit our needs. With this new investment, we decided to slightly change our name to Diamond Divers.

You will find us on a daily basis in the sea and in our office location in the middle of Hurghada.

Our crew is at your service to assure you, you get the most out of your limited holidays.

We pride ourselves on safety and a personal, friendly service and in taking you to some of the best dive sites in the world, we aim to give you a truly memorable dive holiday
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Meet The Team
  1. Dive shop, Scuba Diving, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, Mahmoud El Taher
    Diamond Divers Partner
    Our lead PADI Instructor. Mahmoud and his team of Dive Masters and Instructors will be beside you when you enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea or improving your skills during a PADI course
  2. Dive Shop, Scuba Diving, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, Jurgen Content
    Diamond Divers Partner
    Our contact in Europe and in charge of marketing and webdesign. Camera and GoPro are glued to his hand when diving; So if he's around, checkout the website for new stunning images and video's
  3. Dive shop, Scuba Diving, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, Naggar
    Diamond Divers Partner
    Naggar is our Diamond Divers manager. You will find him in the dive center, on the boat in the morning and to welcome you when you return from your trip. In need to fix the paperwork... Naggar is your man.
Safety Comes First
With Diamond Divers we take safety very serious
Dive shop Hurghada
The Safety Stop Diamond
Waiting for you at a depth of 5m, together with a spare tank, you will find our Safety Stop Diamond. Our Safety Stop Diamond is highly visible, so you are sure you get back on the right boat...  Hover around it for 3 minutes before surfacing. Refreshments will await you
Dive shop Hurghada
Emergency equipment
We guarantee you will not need a life vest, but we have them on board obviously. As well as safety buoys, emergency oxigen and a well stocked first aid cabin. For those worst case situations, we are in direct contact with medical and hyperbaric facilities which are available closeby