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The Salem Express
The Salem Express was a RoRo  car passenger ferry on her return from Jeddah to Safaga. She was carrying pilgrims who were returning from the holy city of Mecca.  Her official manifest showed 690 passengers and crew, but it is rumoured that she carried many more people.
The Salem Express sank within 20 minutes,  which led to the heavy loss of life, with an official death toll of 470 and a 180 survivors.
The Salem Express is quite shallow. The wreck starts at 12m and the seabed is at 30m deep.
Diving the Salem Express Wreck is to be done with utmost respect and care. You are not to touch anything. There are still many personal items all over the wreck and they should stay there. Penetration inside the wreck is forbidden as it is declared as a Maritim Tomb.

Our trip starts in Hurghada with pickups starting from 7am30. With our comfortable bus, we drive to Safaga from which it is only a short trip to the dive site.
2 Dives are done to explore the wreck

Our return in Hurghada is around 5pm

All inclusive price is 80€

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